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21st June 2007, 00:15
Ares, Michael, and Baroona are admitted to the Tample Mercenaries through a simple test of skill against rank B soldiers. After passing the test with ease, they enter the same unit in the Mercenary Corp, and intrigued by each others’ skill, they soon became friends. They also met the fourth member of their group, the cowardly artist Gohue, who hides during battle, but is great at drawing. The three warriors soon prove themselves on their first mission, and rise to Rank B (though all three are far better than the Rank A soldiers). The Tample Mercenaries soon get involved in battles on a national scale, where the main characters meet the great Chronosian general (and later king) Icarus. Impressed by their skills, he hires them on another mission to protect him while he goes to attempt to negotiate his way out of a war with Chronos’ western neighbors, the Radink Alliance. The trio’s help is needed when two generals use Icarus’ absence to overthrow the government of Chronos and use Chronosian soldiers to attempt to kill him. After Ares, Baroona, and Michael see Icarus safely back to his own troops, the Tample Mercenaries are hired to stop the usurpation of the throne by defeating the usurper’s army. Though pure genius, Icarus wins the civil war with minimal losses to either side, and then takes both armies to defend Chronos' western border. The former King’s advisors request that Icarus be the new king, and he accepts their offer. In this battle, Icarus once again uses the Tample Mercenaries and brilliant strategy to provide an advantage to his side. Soon, the black knights were all defeated and the presumed red eyes swordsman escaped. Ares and Michael took chase and was astonished to find out that he was not the red eyes swordsman, but his brother. Red eyes swordsman soon appeared and revealed himself to Ares to make him stronger.

И от меня,как сама манга нарисована на первыии взгляд....и на второи скажем ,,необычно'' персонажи трудно различаються многие деталии отсуствуеть и background фигова нарисована НО сюжеть настояшия находка,просто не оторвётесь от экрана,и за него можна и закрыть глаза на ошибки в рисования.