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21st June 2007, 19:17

Ryo, a talented highschooler who was about to enter Tokyo University, the most prestigious university in Japan, killed his parents before his successful life could begin. The perfect family and perfect life seemed to devour the young boy's restless soul. In a beautiful sunny afternoon when cicadas were singing, he stabbed his father and mother to death with a short knife repeatedly before he came to his senses.

The 16-year-old bookworm murderer was convicted and sent to a reformatory where he was gang raped by other boys. Kenji Kurokawa (黒川健児), a jailed man who nearly assassinated Japanese Prime Minister decades ago, was sent to the reformatory to teach the youngsters karate every week. He discovered Ryo's talent and taught him self-defense. Ryo survived. Thanks to a law that protects minors, he was released two years later.

Alone in a city full of crime, he tried to look for his lost beautiful sister who, because of the tragedy, became a homeless drug-abusing prostitute. Ryo started to fight for his living and used all imaginable dirty tricks to defeat his enemy. He also ambushed gangsters in dark alleys to perfect his fighting skill as well as working as a gigolo.

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А сама манга хорошо нарисована,сюжеть тёмноватыи но захватаваеть сильно.....

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где скачать?

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где скачать?

на торрентсмд есть!