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24th June 2007, 13:58
Sigh (サイ, sai) is an avant-garde metal band from Tokyo, Japan that was formed in 1989. They are credited as being one of the first Japanese black metal bands, when the majority of black metal in early 1990s came from Scandinavia. They gradually shifted from a more traditional black/thrash metal sound, to a more experimental, avant-garde style.
Sigh was signed by Euronymous' (of Mayhem fame) infamous Label Deathlike Silence Records and released their first full-length album Scorn Defeat on DSP in 1993, shortly after Euronymous' death. The label ceased to exist shortly after his death and Sigh changed to Cacophonous Records. After major disputes with Cacophonous over promotion and album rights, the band eventually found a new home Century Media Records, and released their album Imaginary Sonicscape, In 2005 they released their full-length Gallows GalleryCandlelight Records/Baphomet Records.



Scorn Defeat - 1993
Infidel Art - 1995
Hail Horror Hail - 1997
Scenario IV: Dread Dreams - 1999
Imaginary Sonicscape - 2001
Gallows Gallery - 2005
Hangman's Hymn - 2007
Requiem for Fools [EP] - 1992
Ghastly Funeral Theatre [EP] - 1997
"To Hell and Back" (Sigh's Tribute to Venom) - 1995
"The Eastern Force of Evil: Live '92-'96" - 1996
"Desolation" - 1990
"Tragedies" - 1990
"Split 7" with Kawir [EP] - 1994
"Kindred of a Dying Kind/Young Burial" - 2003
"Evilized Japan" - 2004
"Far East Gate Inferno" - 1994
"Blackened" - 1995
"The Unholy Bible" - 1997
"Roots II (The Return)" - 1998
http://sigh.gospel-virus.net/official site
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