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2nd April 2018, 13:06
Hey guys,

thought I'd bounce this question off of the knowledgeable masses of L19.What do you think is a good game length (time) for club matches? Have you had much experience with using clocks in club play? Good results using clocks? Poor results? Other recommendations, experiences?I've always had a tendency to play slowly (over-thinking, usually), and I've seen this problem while playing a number of friends. I'm interested in using game clocks to be able to get in more games and keep things moving along. It would be nice to be able to play multiple games in an evening and spread out the play rather than only play a single game.At the same time, I don't want to put a lot of artificial restrictions on people's play at any club gathering. I'm also not sure how they would respond to adding a clock. I don't want to have to be harsh about using it:
"Times up! You lose. Thanks for the game."
<clean up stones>
But maybe some friends (and even I!) would benefit from that approach...Thoughts?

Please help

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