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1st October 2007, 13:19


Demographic Shōnen
Genre Action, Horror, Fantasy

TV anime: Claymore
Directed by Hiroyuki Tanaka
Studio Madhouse (company)
Network Flag of Japan NTV
Original run April 4, 2007 – September 26, 2007
No. of episodes 26

Authored by Yagi Norihiro (art)
Publisher Flag of Japan Shueisha

Claymore is a Japanese anime and manga series, its first season being released in 2007. It is composed by 26 episodes of approximately 23 minutes each. The show and manga deal with powerful female warriors known as Claymores, who are hired to defeat powerful demonic creatures known as Yoma. It takes place sometime around the Medieval era, though it is questionable if the world is even our own.

The series are directed by Hiroyuki Tanaka and produced by Avex Mode, D.N. Dream Partners, Madhouse Studios, NTV and VAP.


The story revolves around the character Clare, and her struggles as a member of the "Claymores", a powerful group of women gifted with incredible abilities due to being part-Yoma or demon. Their sole mission is the eradication of these Yoma, who feed on human guts. Clare is first introduced when a town comes under attack by one of these creatures, disguised as a human in an attempt to deceive her and the rest of the villagers. Though the people are intimidated by her presence and fear her (her constant stoicism doesn't help either), a young man named Raki decides to reach out to her. He even goes as far as following her throughout her patrol of the city, much to her displeasure.

Eventually, he decides to return home, knowing that he needs to cook for his family. It is then revealed in a plot twist that the Yoma is in fact his brother. Luckily, Clare followed him home, after smelling the stench of Yoma on him left by his brother (who is in fact a Yoma in disguise) and promptly slays the creature. She leaves the town and its payment for her collector, moving on to her next task. In their paranoia, the villagers throw Raki out of the village, believing he could turn into a Yoma after living with one for so long. Having nowhere else to go, he follows Clare, who saves him after he collapses in exhaustion. After rescuing him (yet again) from another Yoma attack, she decides it'll be alright for him to follow along as her cook, as he has nowhere else to go. From here, the anime and manga follow the two in their town-by-town tasks of exterminating Yoma, all the while concentrating upon the two characters' growing development. Clare is beginning to regain some of her humanity as she becomes accustomed to Raki's presence, and Raki is maturing and learning from their travels.

The series also diverges at one point to tell the tale of a very powerful Claymore whose ability and strength surpassed everyone else's in the organization. She was known as "Teresa of The Faint Smile", a mighty warrior who could swiftly kill very powerful Yoma using below 10% of her supernatural abilities. One day, after eliminating several Yoma, she comes across a little girl, Clare. Initially, Teresa believes she is latching onto her because she had no one else to depend on. Eventually, she realizes the truth, and warms up to the girl (Clare wanted to comfort Teresa while she saw her sad eyes). Trying to protect Clare from bandits, Theresa ends up killing humans thus violating "the organization's" ironclad rule: to never kill a human no matter the circumstance.

By violating the organization's rule Teresa is marked for execution. However, at execution site she doesn't accept the death sentence. After incapacitating her would-be executers, she leaves with Clare in tow. The organization then decides to send the strongest of the Claymores (#2-#5) to kill Theresa. However, they too, prove to be no match for her. During the course of the battle, the #2 Claymore loses control and gives in to the entirety of her Yoma powers, thus becoming an Awakened Being (a Claymore who has lost all of her humanity). She then tricks Teresa into believing that she wants to be killed to remain human. Teresa, in mercy, momentarily drops her guard and her powers, and promises to carry out the task. Unfortunately, the now sadistic #2 uses the opportunity to dismember her, and then behead her. She then goes on to defeat her comrades (#3-#5), leaving Clare the only survivor.

Clare looks for the man of the dark glasses and requests that she receives Teresa's flesh and blood to become a Claymore and seek revenge, thus revealing the girl's entire history.

1st October 2007, 18:36
Am vizionat sezonul 1. Mi-a placut mult. E unul din acele animeuri la care nu poţi răbda batch-ul, ci aştepţi apariţia fiecărui episod. :please:

5th October 2007, 22:26
Мангу читал ничего такого не заметил...можеть анимэ изменить моё мнение..

6th October 2007, 21:25
Мангу читал ничего такого не заметил...можеть анимэ изменить моё мнение..
Mie anime-ul mi-a placut nespus de mult.

6th October 2007, 23:23
horror ka :crafty: :cool:
didn't look so many anime horrors:want:
I'll add to ma queue list :full:
thx for such good review :happy:

17th October 2007, 02:16
Nice one, liked it a lot, somehow made me remember Berserk with the gallons of blood, big swords and medieval-fantasy theme. (Yet Berserk I liked more)

17th October 2007, 14:09
Aştept sezonul 2 :) Apropo, nu ştie nimeni când va fi lansat?

19th October 2007, 23:23
Just another great anime, filled with emotions from the very first episode, with a good storyline, blood and guts during the whole series... (= Women who kick as and huge swords rule, and besides that, humanity being destroyed by demons is a good point for a dark and mysterious anime.
I especially liked the characters which were full with realistic emotions, each one with a different personality. To watch the anime and feel yourself the emotions of the characters is a great experience, otherwise I don't see the point of watching the anime.
And about the theme songs... Actually it was merely because of the OP sung by Nightmare that I started to watch the anime. Great song, and the ED is very beautiful too.

Muza chan
14th November 2007, 12:08
Gata si finalul... din pacate nu pot sa-i dau rating de "masterpiece", dar e un "excelent" clar. Cumva fortat ultimul episod, nu ca nu mi-ar fi placut. Dar previzibil. Citind repede aseara printre randuri pe Wikipedia, la manga, m-am lamurit si de ce.

In manga povestea e un pic altfel, Clare nu se intalneste cu Priscilla, deci pentru un eventual sequel, Priscilla trebuia sa ramana in viata. Oricum e frumos asa, e mai dramatic si Clare devine un personaj mai complex, trebuie sa traiasca cu asta. Din pacate, tot in manga, Clare nu prea mai apare, acolo incepe un nou arc, cu actiunea peste 7 ani, avand-o in prim plan pe Clarice, numarul 47 de atunci. Apar si fetele cunoscute, dar nu mai e centrata pe Clare. Din cauza asta, nu stiu daca vor continua povestea... sau vor inventa una noua pentru eventuala serie a doua. Tot in manga vedem scopul lui Isley si alte lucruri noi despre organizatie, mult mai negre decat cele de pana acum.

Ar trebui sa ne apucam de manga! :P

Inca nu s-a anuntat nimic. Cum apare ceva, va anunt, eu sunt responsabila cu news-ul...

Oricum au ramas lucruri nelamurite, cel mai importat ar fi de unde vin yoma. Nu m-ar mira sa fie vreun experiment ratat al organizatiei.

14th November 2007, 13:16
Inca nu s-a anuntat nimic. Cum apare ceva, va anunt, eu sunt responsabila cu news-ul...

Looking forward to that. :)

17th November 2007, 18:44
Super super super, mi-a placut foarte mult, doar k sfirsitul nu prea m-a impresionat insa animeul rupae, recomnad!

20th November 2007, 14:25
Animeul este bun recomand , sfirshitul se putea shi mai bine , dar astfel ne face sa ashteptam sezonul 2 :runintears:

4th December 2007, 14:13
DA da anime-ul e superb cu un sfirsit intrigant !!!! Astepatm cu nerabdare Season2 :) :) :)