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22nd October 2007, 14:52
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The band's first minor debut album Ammonite, which rose as high as #3 on the Tower Records Indie Charts in Japan, remained in the Top 50 for 7 months. In 2005 they released their first major debut with the single Visions In My Head, under the label Haunted Records (a subsidiary of Sony Music Japan), which was created by the Japanese rock musician, hyde, lead vocalist of L'Arc~en~Ciel.

In 2006, the band performed "Kiri", the opening theme to the anime series Ergo Proxy. The song was also released via the iTunes Store on May 25, 2006. Monoral also soon released their second major album, Turbulence, on July 4, 2007.


"Visions In My Head" - 1st Major Single November 2nd, 2005
"Tuesday" - 2nd Major Single May 9th, 2007
Albums Release date
"In Stereo" - Debut Album EP July 25th, 2001
"Ammonite" - 2nd Album EP March 24th, 2004
"Petrol" - 1st Major Album July 13th, 2005
"Turbulence" - 2nd Major Album July 4th, 2007


The band consists of Anis Shimada on lead vocals and guitar and Ali Morizumi on bass and guitar.


22nd October 2007, 19:23
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22nd October 2007, 20:01
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22nd October 2007, 20:02
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22nd October 2007, 20:05
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2nd February 2008, 23:38
I liked the way thouse two make their music. It seems sad and positive at the same time, emotional, BUT yet NOT emo. it feels indie - that is another thing that I like about it

22nd June 2008, 21:38
monoral ii un fel de alternativ, buna trupa si inca cinta in engleza :D