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27th October 2007, 19:24
How do you know you're an Anime fan?Puneti mintea la contributie:cool:
Iti faci parul albastru doar ca sa semeni cu Kaname
Prietenii tai sunt gata sa te omoare daca mai spui o data cuv. baka
cam asa ceva.Sper ca m-ati inteles:exhausted:

27th October 2007, 19:44
[offtopic] Nu ar trebui topicul asta sa fie mai bine la "Text based games"?

[ontopic] N-joy
1. You make a site dedicated to anime
2. You stare at the clock and count down the minutes until your anime show comes on
3. You see your eyes get very big, round and wide
4. You use Japanese smileys such as: ^_^ ^_^" -_- O_o -_-" ^_~ etc.
5. You throw a tantrum when one of your favorite anime series comes to an end (EVIL! How dare they take off my InuYasha! Evil I say! EEEEEEEEVVVIIILLL!!)
6. You cry when an anime character dies ( I still love ya Spike!)
7. You get all emotional when an anime character falls in love with another anime character
8. You wish that an anime character could be real so you could spend the rest of your life with them (InuYasha...*Dreamy look*)
9. You throw a fit when you see an anime character that you love fall in love with another anime character cause you wish that the person they fell in love with was you (Stupid Kikyou! InuYasha is MINE! I challenge you!!)
10. You throw a MAJOR fit when you miss even one episode of your favorite anime show
11. You go out and buy lots and lots and LOTS of recording tapes to record your favorite anime show with. (Not that I would do that of course...*Cough* ^_^")
12. Even though you saw an episode from your favorite anime show a hundred times, you continue to watch it and never get sick of it
13. You search every place on the internet for anime conventions
14. You dress up as an anime character, even though some people laugh and call you stupid
15. You act like an anime character
16. You take a stick and wrap tin foil on it and say it's a sword
17. You own a bunch of anime CDs
18. You spend hours on Kazza or some other site downloading anime midis/music
19. You spend hours on a site downloading anime series episodes
20. You spend hours downloading anime movies
21. You know the Japanese and English words to anime songs
22. You dye your hair white, cause it's the same color as InuYasha's
23. You love the color red cause it's the color of InuYasha's pants
24. You call your tin foil sword Tetsiega
25. You run around with your tin foil sword shouting "TETSIEGA!" and try to slash people
26. You think your brother or sister is a demon and you try to slash them with your tin foil sword
27. You have a couple e-mail accounts that are anime related (I'm innoccent I say!!)
28. You've read so many magnas that you've lost count
29. You have spent $1000+ dollars on anime related things
30. Your background/wallpaper on your computer is anime related
31. You have used up the majority of the space on your computer by downloading anime pictures
32. You have lots and lots of anime pictures
33. You tell everyone how much you are so like an anime character
34. You tell people that you're an anime character in disguise
35. You quickly change into your anime character when evil lurks
36. You have a broken pearl or crystal necklace and you tell people they are Jewel Shards
37. You see a baboon in the zoo and shout, "It's Naraku!"
38. You spend time typing out a list of 'You know when you're an anime fan' things
39. You find a site that has anime quizzes and you go on a quiz taking spree
40. You decide to create your own anime quiz
41. You have joined a bunch of online sites that are anime related
42. You talk about anime to all your friends
43. You get your friends addicted to anime (*Cough* Mer *Cough* )
45. You know which anime shows are on Adult Swim
46. You know what time each anime on Adult Swim is on at
47. You create your own anime cult...er I mean club
48. You hold out your hand and shout, "WIND TUNNEL!"
49. You become a priest because Miroku is one
50. You suddenly want to learn how to speak Japanese
52. You stay up past your bed time to catch the second loop of your favorite anime on adult swim.

27th October 2007, 19:54
He he he:sweatdrop: You are fast