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6th May 2007, 01:01

Plastic Tree (プラスティック・トゥリー) is a J-Rock band with influences from many brit-pop bands such as Radiohead, The Smashing Pumpkins and The Cure. When they went major, they changed their style to more alternative pop-rock sound.


Arimura Ryutaro (有村竜太朗): Vocals, Secondary Guitar
Nakayama Akira (ナカヤマ アキラ): Lead Guitar
Hasegawa Tadashi (長谷川 正): Bass
Sasabuchi "Buchi" Hiroshi (ササブチ ヒロシ): Drums


Plastic Tree also known as PuraTuri, or more affectionately, Pura-chan by fans (kurage), Plastic Tree formed between 1993 and 1994. They can generally be described as alternative, although their beginnings tend to be labeled as Visual-Kei, and are often compared with brit-rock bands.

The most recognizeable signature of Plastic Tree is the melodic, child-like voice of Ryutaro. It is often described as very 'ethereal', and adds to the unique quality of their music. He composes the vast majority of their lyrics, while Akira, and Tadashi generally compose their music. In recent years, there has been some dispute of the band moving in a more mainstream direction, though they still appear to be very devoted to their fans and remain faithful to their musical roots.

While it has been popularly speculated that the band's name was derived from Radiohead's song, Fake Plastic Trees, the formation of the band and the release of this song do not coincide properly. In addition, in a recent interview, Ryutarou and Tadashi have revealed the real meaning behind their name. It is also common knowledge that Plastic Tree's Rira no ki is a 'cover' of Radiohead's My Iron Lung.

On the DVD Kuro Tent 2, many of the live names are derived from works by The Smashing Pumpkins.


[1995.3.28] untitled demotape
[1995.12.11] Poison biscuit

[1996.09.25] Rira no ki (リラの樹)
[1997.06.25] Watera mado (割れた窓)
[1998.02.15] Hontou no uso (本当の嘘)
[1998.06.25] Zetsubou no oka (絶望の丘)
[1999.03.10] Tremolo (トレモロ)
[1999.08.25] Sink
[1999.12.10] TSUMETAI HIKARI (ツメタイヒカリ)
[2000.04.19] Slide (スライド)
[2000.07.12] Rocket (ロケット)
[2001.01.07] Planetarium (プラネタリウム)
[2001.09.14] Chiriyuku bokura (散りユク僕ラ)
[2002.06.26] Aoi Tori (青い鳥)
[2003.05.21] Baka ni natta noni (バカになったのに)
[2003.06.25] Moshimo PIANO ga hiketa nara (もしもピアノが弾げたなら)
[2003.10.01] Mizuiro GIRLFRIEND (水色ガールフレンド)
[2004.01.12] Yuki hotaru (雪蛍)
[2004.03.10] Harusaki SENTIMENTAL (春咲 センチメンタル)
[2004.07.28] Melancholic (メランコリック)
[2005.05.11] Sanbika (賛美歌)
[2005.10.12] Namae no nai hana(名前のない花)
[2005.11.16] GHOST
[2005.12.14] Kuuchuu BURANKO (空中ブランコ)
[2006.05.10] Namida Drop (ナミダ ドロップ)
[2007.01.24] Spica (スピカ)

[1995.12.11] Strange Fruit -奇妙な果実- (~Kimyou na Kajitsu~)
[1997.07.10] HIDE and SEEK
[1998.08.26] Puppet Show
[2000.08.23] Parade
[2002.09.21] TRÄUMEREI (トロイメライ)
[2003.10.22] SHIRO CHRONICLE (シロクロニクル)
[2004.08.25] CELL.
[2006.06.28] Chandelier (シャンデリア)
[2007.06.27] TBA

[2001.03.27] Cut ~Early Songs Best Selection~
[2001.11.14] Plastic Tree Single Collection
[2002.11.07] Best Album (Premium Best)
[2005.10.26] Shiro Ban (白盤 BestAlbum)
[2005.10.26] Kuro Ban (黒盤 BestAlbum)

6th May 2007, 01:08
IMHO - Radiohead an The Smashing Pumpkins aren't the best influence to a J-rock band like Plastic Tree.

29th October 2007, 19:11
They are always talking about brit rock influence but I really can't feel it in their music, they have some good songs and the lyrics are great and their last album is very nice...

26th November 2010, 09:31
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aU0JKPUBHk - Mirai Iro

[Released: 15 December, 2010]

26th November 2010, 17:37
L-am vazut alaltaieri si nu stiam daca e ultimul si nu l-am mai postat aici. E asa... so,so. ^^

19th April 2011, 03:31
Single - Mirai Iro




01 — Mirai Iro
02 — Paper plane
03 — Moonlight (2010.08.12 Live recording)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nn2Ie2APZsU - Moonlight(Released:2010.08.12)
(one of my favourite songs:))


OMG! Noooo!!!!

Ryutaro of PLASTIC TREE halts band activities

Rock band PLASTIC TREE just released their new single, “Mirai Iro“, on December 15th, and the track even made it into Oricon’s top 10. They were also supposed to do two lives, one on December 28 and one on the 29th at JCB HALL in Tokyo.

But all that has changed now that vocal Ryutaro has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome. Earlier today (25th in Japan), Ryutaro, who had been complaining about how sluggish he’s been feeling, went to see a doctor. Although he thinks he’s still able to perform, the band has come to the decision to cancel both performances.

P.S. For those of you who are not familiar with Guillain-Barre syndrome, it is “an acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (AIDP), a disorder affecting the peripheral nervous system.” It’s usually caused by an acute infectious process and the diagnosis is usually found in “rapid development of muscle paralysis, areflexia, abesence of fever”.

(Please get well soon!)


On January 20th, Plastic Tree's agency announced the good news that Arimura is now fully recovered from the illness mainly because of the early detection and treatment. Arimura will make a comeback on Plastic Tree’s nation tour (21 stages) starting on March 14th at Akasaka BLITZ.

There was also another announcement that they will be releasing a new album, “ammonite” which is set to be released on April 6th.


Plastic Tree - Ammonite [Album]



Track list:

1 Thirteenth Friday
2 Moonlight――――.(Ammonite ver.)
3 Taikutsu Mashin
4 Mirai iro (Ammonite ver.)
5 Setsugekka
6 I love you so
7 Aria
8 Duet
9 Banbi (Ammonite ver.)
10 Sabi shinbō
11 ~Sakuhin «ammonite» ~
12 Blue back
13 spooky

[Released: 2011/04/06]


I fell in love with them, so I quite like this album.;-)