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X Japan, or X which was their initial name, was a Japanese Visual-Kei band, the brainchild of Yoshiki (Hayashi Yoshiki). Their sound started as japanese rock speed metal, and later went toward alternative rock, but always with a huge emphasis in ballads.

Plans for the band started in 1976, when its original members, Toshi (Deyama Toshimitsu) and YOSHIKI, were only 11. The band's first name was NOISE, later on changing to X in 1983.

X Japan had very punkish looks in the eightiesBetween 1976 and 1987, many people entered and left X, but its most famous formation was already in place when the band went major in 1987, with the release of their first single オルガスム ("Orgasm"). The members at that time were: Yoshiki on drums and piano, Toshi on vocals, hide (Matsumoto Hideto) (always spelled with a lowercase h), Pata (Tomoaki Ishizuka) on guitar and Taiji (Sawada Taiji) on bass. No record labels would sign the band because of their transgressive way of dressing and performing. Not to be stopped, Yoshiki created his own record label, Extasy Records, with money he and his mother helped provide by selling the family business.

In 1992, X was widely known in Japan, and they intended to start focusing in America. In US there was already a band called X, so they were forced to change their name to X Japan. It was around this time that one of the many arguments that used to take place between Yoshiki and Taiji led to Taiji's departure of the band; he was replaced by Heath (Morie Hiroshi).

After leaving, Taiji worked with Loudness, D.T.R., and Cloud 9 for a while, and is now in another band with his little sister on vocals, Otokaze. They performed at hide's birthday celebration on 2003.12.13, and Taiji covered hide's "ROCKET DIVE" as well.

X's music, under the caring but determined supervision of Yoshiki, never stopped evolving. Amongst their music one can find songs for everybody: harsh but very emotive speed metal tracks like "Sadistic Desire," "Phantom of Guilt" and "Vanishing Love;" even more acclaimed ones like "Kurenai" and "Silent Jealousy;" moving piano ballads like "Forever Love" (the ending theme for the anime film X) and "Tears;" and alternative yet powerful tracks like "DAHLIA" and "Rusty Nail." One particularly notable song was "ART OF LIFE," a carefully crafted piece that was almost half an hour long and that the band played twice, both during their "X JAPAN RETURNS" shows in 1993.12.30~31.

Almost all X Japan tracks were composed by Yoshiki with a handful of pieces composed by hide and even some early ones by Taiji. Yoshiki loved classical music, and this influence can be specially noted in tracks like "ROSE OF PAIN", "ART OF LIFE" or his symphonic composition "Amethyst." He led a project called Eternal Melody which consisted in X's songs rearranged by George Martin and other arrangers for classical performance. The double album, performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, was released in 1993. YOSHIKI also selected some classical pieces for two compilations called YOSHIKI Selection and YOSHIKI Selection II. He also remade the song "Black Diamond" by KISS into a classical piece that listed in 1994's Kiss My Ass album, a tribute to the aforementioned band.

In May 1997, Toshi, shocking the fans, announced he was leaving the band, which led to its dissolution in September 1997. Toshi then joined a kind of cult, related to nature and music therapy, lead by a man called Masaya. Many say that this cult influenced Toshi's departure of the band. After that, he continued his solo career, saying that his friend Masaya was a inspiration for his new compositions. Toshi himself alleged he was becoming frustrated by the excessive work demanded by the band, and couldn't do what he wanted to do; so to avoid disappointing the other members and the fans, he decided to leave.

X Japan's very last live concert on December 31, 1997 at Tokyo Dome.After the dissolution of the band, hide continued his very successful solo career with his band hide with Spread Beaver, Pata performing with him sometimes.

Posterior to these events, it is said that Yoshiki and hide were secretly planning to resurrect X in 2000, sans Toshi, looking for a substitute singer. These plans were tragically scrapped when hide was found dead in his apartment on May 2, 1998 after a typical night out of hard drinking. He was found hung to a doorknob by a towel. This news stunned Japan's youth: four fans around the country attempted suicide, two of whom died. A lot of speculation about his death has taken place, but no definitive explanation has been found. An apparent suicide, it's thought to be an accidental death, but there is not a clear motive for either suicide or murder. Following hide's death, Yoshiki entered in a depressive state for almost three years, being unable to compose or play.

In late 2000, Yoshiki recovered, and announced the creation of his new project, Violet UK, a project involving music, visuals, mode and art. In 2002 he produced and starred in three commercials for 7-11, using some Violet UK music and concepts for those. However, up to date, not much else from Violet UK has been shown or released. In 2002 also, Yoshiki announced he was joining the J-Pop band globe, to help his long time friend Komuro Tetsuya (in 1991 Yoshiki, on drums, and Komuro, on keyboards and vocals, did a musical collaboration under the name of V2, releasing a single and performing one live concert).

As a side note, Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi Junichirou has said that he is a big fan of X Japan and that his favorite song is Forever Love, which helped create his image as a different type of politician more in touch with average Japanese citizens.

News has been posted both at Yoshiki's official blog as well as at Toshi's website that plans are underway to re-form the band.


Studio Albums
Vanishing Vision (1988) - First studio album
Blue Blood (1989) - Second studio album
Jealousy (1991) - Third studio album
Art of Life (1993) - Mini album containing only the 29 minute song with the same title.
Dahlia (1996) - Fourth and last studio album

I'll kill you (1985)
Orgasm (1986)
Endless Rain (1989)
Kurenai (1989)
Week End (1990)
Silent Jealousy (1991)
Standing Sex / Joker (1991)
Say Anything (1991)
Tears (1993)
Rusty Nail (1994)
Longing ~togireta melody~ (1995)
Longing ~Setsubou no Yoru~ (1995)
Forever Love (1996)
Crucify My Love (1996)
SCARS (1996)
Forever Love (Last Mix) (1997)
The Last Song (1999) - Toshi's departure of the band leading to X Japan's dissolution inspired Yoshiki to compose The Last Song.
Forever Love (2001) (Maxi single)

Live albums and compilations
X - Hametsu ni Mukatte 1992.1.7 Tokyo Dome Live (On the Verge of Destruction) - Two CD album recorded live in the Tokyo Dome on the 7th of January, 1992.
X Singles (1993)
B.O.X. (Best of X) (1996)
Ballad Collection (1997)
Special Box (1997)
Live Live Live Tokyo Dome 1993-1996 (1997) - Recording of live events between 1993 and 1997 in the Tokyo Dome.
Live Live Extra (1997)
X Japan Singles -Atlantic Years- (1997)
Live in Hokkaido 1995.12.04 Bootleg (1998)
Art of Live (1998)
Star Box (1999)
X Japan Perfect Best (1999)
The Last Live (2001)
X Japan BEST ~Fan's Selection~ (2001)
Trance X (2002)
X Perfect Singles (2002)
[edit] Compilations by various artists
Heavy Metal Force III (1985) - One song by X Japan
Skull Thrash Zone 1 (1987) - One song by X Japan
KISS My Ass: Classic KISS regrooved (June, 1994) - Song Black Diamond by Yoshiki

LP Records
Vanishing Vision (1988)
DAHLIA -Analogue LP- (1997)

DVDsBlue Blood Tour ~Bakuhatsu Sunzen GIG~ (2001)
Visual Shock Vol. 2 Shigeki (2001)
Visual Shock Vol. 2.5 Celebration (2001)
Visual Shock Vol. 3 Shigeki 2 (2001)
Visual Shock Vol. 3.5 Say Anything (2001)
Visual Shock Vol. 4 Hametsu ni Mukatte (2001)
Clips II (2001)
The Last Live Video (2001)

VOS Dai 9 go (1988)
ThanX (1989)
Bakuhatsu Sunzen GIG (1989)
Visual Shock Vol. 2 Shigeki (1989)
Visual Shock Vol. 2.5 Celebration (1990)
Visual Shock Vol. 3 Shigeki 2 (1991)
Visual Shock Vol. 3.5 Say Anything (1991)
Extasy Summit 91 at Nipponbudokan (1992)
Visual Shock Vol. 4 Hametsu ni Mukatte (1992)
Minna Mumei Dattakeredo ... Mutekidatta Extasy Summit 1992 (1993)
X CLIPS (1995)
Visual Shock Vol. 5 Dahlia the Video Part 1 (1997)
Visual Shock Vol. 5 Dahlia the Video Part 2 (1997)
Dahlia Tour Final 1996.12.31 (1997)

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The gods, they made the whole j-rock genre... Hide always in my memory...

9th April 2008, 10:17
X Japan - I.V. - PV (http://www.torrentsmd.com/details.php?id=247725)

X Japan - Night of Destruction - Tokyo Dome 2008.03.28 [LIVE] (http://www.torrentsmd.com/details.php?id=251875)

X Japan - 2008.03.28 Kougeki Saikai 2008 I.V. Hametsu ni Mukatte Hakai no Yoru [2008/MP3/320] (http://www.torrentsmd.com/details.php?id=251933)

X Japan - Night of Recklessness - Tokyo Dome 2008.03.29 [LIVE] (http://www.torrentsmd.com/details.php?id=258797)

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Eu am ascultat Piano balads si mi-a placut mult :) foarte expresive si pline de emotii:beautiful2:

6th October 2008, 02:02
Just about everthing they've ever made can be found right >>>here (http://chiyoo.livejournal.com/7099.html)

9th January 2009, 15:01
una din favoritele mele !!! Yoshiki & Hide sunt foarte buni

My Top:

Week End
Endless Rain
Forever Love
White Poem I
Silent Jealousy
A Piano String In Es Dur

14th January 2009, 03:38
una din favoritele mele !!! Yoshiki & Hide sunt foarte buni

My Top:

Week End
Endless Rain
Forever Love
White Poem I
Silent Jealousy
A Piano String In Es Dur
Forever Love îmi place foarte mult!

8th June 2011, 22:37

The new single.

23rd June 2011, 22:45
Just heard the song (wanted to post it, too ;-D).
I like the song and the voice.:loves:


X JAPAN - JADE (Live performance)


Beautiful :loves:

23rd June 2011, 23:18
Wooo, epic as ever! ^^

Still, no one can replace hide T_T even SUGIZO.

30th June 2011, 17:35

X-JAPAN performs at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in England!

On June 28th, X-JAPAN officially started their world tour at Shepherd’s Bush Empire venue located in England!

At this live, the band performed ten songs – including their new single, “JADE” – in front of approximately two thousand of their European fans. “It’s like a dream. I wish I could stay in this moment forever”, said YOSHIKI to the crowd.

During the encore, YOSHIKI appeared back on stage with TOSHI to deliver a special message about their past guitarist hide, who tragically passed away in 1998. “After hide’s death, I could not imagine myself here. Even after our ten year reunion as a band, I wish hide could be here with us. But, in a way, hide is here with us right now…” he said, trailing off as tears began running down his face.

The performance lasted approximately two hours, and included a ten song set-list.

01. Jade
02. Rusty Nail
03. Silent Jealousy
04. Drain
05. Kurenai
06. Born to be free
07. I.V.
08. X
09. Endless Rain
10. Art of Life

After their performance, top news companies such as Reuters and BBC interviewed the band and covered this event.

Shepherd’s Bush Empire was established in 1903 and has hosted other famous artists such as The Rolling Stones, The Who, David Bowie, and Bon Jovi.

30th June 2011, 21:18
Ah, cute, eu la Diru la Shepherd's Bush am fost. Sala e mica insa acustica e superba. ^^

Atsushi's Girl
19th July 2011, 19:11
Una din cele mai iubite trupe <3
Îmi pare nespus de rău de Hide, era genial.

Piesa mea preferată e alive (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dn5_ulowt68). O ascult non-stop de la începutul anului şi încă nu m-am săturat de ea.

20th July 2011, 01:06
hide was the best. T_T

17th January 2013, 10:47
YOSHIKI - Golden Globe Theme (2012.01.15) [Single]

A short story:


then u can download it here:


I'm so proud and happy for him! :-)