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One of Japan's most popular rock bands, GLAY's name originated from a deliberate misspelling of "gray" representing the wide range of genres the band can fit into without being classified as "black" or "white". GLAY has not been afraid to experiment with different styles of music, and with songs ranging from gospel to pure rock.

Since their debut single, RAIN (produced by X Japan's YOSHIKI), they have produced over 8 albums and 25 singles. With record numbers of audiences attending their concerts and releases reaching #1 spot on charts, GLAY continues to have an impact on the Japanese music scene. GLAY celebrated its 10th Year Anniversary in 2004.

TERU (Vocals & Acoustic Guitar)
HISASHI (Guitar)
TAKURO (Guitar, Keyboard & Background Vocals)
JIRO (Bass)

Along with the three members are supporting musicians Nagai Toshi (drums) and D.I.E. (keyboard) who was later replaced by Komori "sk55" Shigeo when he left to pursue a solo career. In some live performances, Sakuma Masahide, GLAY's producer/manager, also played as a supporting musician.

The band was formed in 1988 by TAKURO and TERU. HISASHI joined shortly after, when his band ARI broke up. The band became popular in their hometown. In 1990, when the members gratuated from highschool, they headed down to Tokyo to try and push their career even further.

However, things were dificult in Tokyo. The band performed for very small audiences, sometimes for only one person. The members had to work very hard to be able to keep themselves and the band. It was not until JIRO joined the band, in 1992, that things started to change. JIRO came with new ideas that opened the doors for them and helped them to get more success in the indies circuit.

In 1993, YOSHIKI watched one of their performances and signed them under his label, EXTASY RECORDS. Since then, they've been very successful, with consecutive #1 hits and million selling albums and singles. The band has done remarkable events like the GLAY EXPO's (they've done three editions so far), which always gather hundreds of thousands of people and stablished a record with the EXPO '99, as it had the largest audience in Japan.

In 2004 GLAY celebrated their 10th year as a major band with the EXPO 2004, which was attended by 100,000 people. It was one of the busiest years in the band's career, with the release of the album THE FRUSTRATED and four singles, along with other products, and appearances in a number of TV shows. The celebration was finished only in 2005, with the GLAY DOME TOUR 2005 "WHITE ROAD" in TOKYO DOME and the release of the compilation WHITE ROAD -Ballad Best Singles-.

Although GLAY had just celebrated a decade of success, the band faced serious problems with its record label in 2005. They did not give details of it, but, reportedly, someone had been devianting money from them. The band splited with Unlimited Records. They did not release any material that year, besides the best album and the DVD of the 2005 Dome Tour. Their only new work was the single SCREAM, in collaboration with group EXILE, which was released under EXILE's record label.

In early 2006, still without a record label, they produced the tour "ROCK'N'ROLL SWINDLE 2006". Later, they signed up with Capitol Records and released three singles, G4, Natsuoto / Hen na Yume ~THOUSAND DREAMS~ and ANSWER, the latter, with their idol, Kyosuke Himuro. They also performed the concert "KYOSUKE HIMURO + GLAY SWING ADDICTION 2006" and the tour "GLAY TOUR 2006 ROCK'N'ROLL SWINDLE~Re-birth~", at the end of the year.

In January, 2007 the band released the single 100 mankai no KISS and, a week later, their 10th original album LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL which managed to reach # 1 on the charts in spite of the low sales compared to previous releases. In April 4th they are going to release the single Kodou, wich is the theme song for the movie Taitei no Ken


[1994.05.25] Hai to Diamond (灰とダイヤモンド)
[1995.03.01] SPEED POP
[1996.02.07] BEAT out!
[1996.11.18] BELOVED
[1997.10.01] REVIEW~BEST OF GLAY
[1998.07.29] pure soul
[1998.02.25] GLAY SONG BOOK
[1999.10.20] HEAVY GAUGE
[2000.11.29] DRIVE ~ GLAY complete BEST
[2001.11.28] ONE LOVE
[2003.02.05] rare collectives vol.1
[2003.02.05] rare collectives vol.2
[2004.03.24] THE FRUSTRATED
[2005.01.19] WHITE ROAD -Ballad Best Singles-
[2007.01.31] LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL

[1994.05.25] RAIN
[1994.06.15] Manatsu no Tobira (真夏の扉)
[1994.11.16] Kanojo no "Modern..."
[1995.01.25] Freeze My Love
[1995.05.17] Zutto Futari de... / GONE WITH THE WIND (ずっと2人で...)
[1995.08.09] Yes, Summerdays
[1995.11.08] Ikiteku Tsuyosa (生きてく強さ)
[1996.01.17] GLORIOUS (グロリアス)
[1996.08.07] BELOVED
[1996.11.11] A Boy ~Zutto Wasurenai~ (ずっと忘れない)
[1997.05.14] Kuchibiru (口唇)
[1997.08.06] HOWEVER
[1998.04.29] Yuuwaku (誘惑)
[1998.04.29] SOUL LOVE
[1998.11.25] BE WITH YOU
[1999.02.03] Winter, again
[1999.05.19] Survival
[1999.08.25] Koko de wa Nai, Dokoka e (ここではない、どこかへ)
[2000.07.19] MERMAID
[2000.08.23] Tomadoi / Special Thanks (とまどい)
[2000.11.15] Missing You
[2001.07.04] STAY TUNED
[2001.09.19] Hitohira no Jiyuu (ひとひらの自由)
[2002.02.27] Way of Difference
[2002.07.24] Mata Koko de Aimashou (またここであいましょう)
[2002.07.31] Aitai Kimochi (逢いたい気持ち)
[2003.03.05] Itsuka
[2004.01.28] Toki no Shizuku (時の雫)
[2004.05.19] Tenshi no Wakemae / Peak Hateshinaku Soul Kagirinaku (天使のわけまえ / ピーク果てしなく ソウル限りなく)
[2004.08.04] Blue Jean
[2004.12.08] White Road (ホワイトロード)
[2006.07.12] G4
[2006.09.13] Natsuoto / Hen na Yume ~THOUSAND DREAMS~ (夏音/変な夢~THOUSAND DREAMS~)
[2007.01.17] 100 Man Kai no KISS (100万回のKISS)
[2007.04.04] Kodou (鼓動)

[2000.09.06] "Mirai Nikki" Soundtrack
[2004.04.23] Our Last Days -Casshern OST- (Mugen no DEJA VU Kara ~peaceful session~)
[2005.07.20] GLAY x EXILE - SCREAM
[2006.08.02] GLAY feat. Kyosuke Himuro - ANSWER

6th October 2011, 01:34
I like this remake made by Glay so much!:nosebleed:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIzpNv0ztw0&feature=player_embedded#at=50 - Yuuwaku

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JexUd5F5Q80&feature=player_embedded - Mirror

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MI68Yc0KIpE - Layla:loves:


http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xehbt0_glay-precious_music - Precious


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8BFNheKmtU - Apologize

[Released: 13.10.2010]



http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xf3zbt_glay-satellite-of-love_music - Satellite of Love

[Released: 13 October, 2010]


GLAY - EverKrack [PV]


G4・Ⅱ -THE RED MOON- [Single] (Released:2011.10.05)



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