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The Carolina Panthers have spent their entire existence as a franchise wanting to be a run-first/defense-oriented football team. From Dom Capers to Ron Rivera Jordan Scarlett Jersey , Frank Reich to Cam Newton, the old school has been the only school in Charlotte. Part of that school is the teaching that winning the battle over the clock is one of the most important aspects of winning the game. You run the ball to control the clock. You force teams to punt to prevent them from chewing up the clock. Time of possession isn’t just a key part of winning games, it is the most valued statistic.That is the old school. The newer school is applying things like ‘math’ to all of the statistics generated in a given football game to see what actually does correlate with wins. Our very own Jonathan DeLong did some work on this last year. The moral of the story is that the newer school of thought values scoring points to win football games.We’re going to spend some time talking about this subject in the coming week because nobody wants to talk about how the Saints look like a real contender this year (Go Rams!). I’d like you, dear reader, to take a moment and gather your best guess as to how the Carolina Panthers performed with regards to their time of possession in 2018. Really think about it and then move on to the next paragraph.The Panthers, who we all remember as having a dismal season featuring a stunning seven game losing streak, dominated the time of possession across the whole season. They possessed the football for 23:14 longer than their opponents. The average time of possession in the NFL is 30:00 (see again: math). That means the Panthers almost played a whole game more than their opponents in 2018.While striking, the sum of the season is hardly the story of each game. By time of possession https://www.carolinapanthersfanshop....-Miller-Jersey , the Carolina Panthers would have had a successful season and likely been in the playoffs with a 10-6 record. They would have swept the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Atlanta Falcons, lost to the Philadelphia Eagles, but beaten the Cleveland Browns. They also would have played a close game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, ultimately losing that game 30:35 to 29:25.The relationship between time of possession and winning is not a causal one. It exists, to be sure, but it is incidental. Events that cause wins (scores) typically also require possessing the ball. The more a team scores the more they will both win and possess the ball. Focusing on possession is missing the forest for the leaf on your shoe. We’ll look in deeper detail going forward about how time of possession has compared to wins for previous Panthers seasons and for other, more successful franchises in the NFL. If you think you have a perfect rebuttal to this argument and that time of possession is actually the most important stat in football, please leave a comment or write a fan post to support your opinion. We’ll try to address your ideas as this series continues. Sunday was an ugly performance by the Carolina Panthers’ offense in their 23-17 loss to Washington. Costly first half turnovers and special teams errors set the tone early for the game. Carolina tried hard as their might to come out of the 17-point hole and match the biggest comeback in franchise history. With a minute left in the game on the Washington 16-yard line Will Grier Jersey , Panthers were unable to utilize on downs with three straight incompletions.Right now, the Panthers sit at a 3-2 record and are winless on the road. The Philadelphia Eagles have a few extra days of rest after a 31-13 win over the New York Giants last Thursday. Jim Schwartz-led defense made it difficult for Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. and Eli Manning to connect. A forced interception by the Eagles set up an early touchdown and built momentum throughout the game. Despite what many want to say, Eagles’ have a strong defense. They’ve only allowed 11 touchdowns all season. A road win won’t be easy for the Panthers. Here are four keys for Carolina’s offense to defeat Eagle’s defense:Perfect third-down conversions and red zone game: If there were a game to get things clicking on third down and red zone efficiency this would be the one. Eagles currently have the third best 3rd down defense in the league. They also have the best red zone defense. Ball security has been an issue for the Panthers all season long on scoring drives. Head coach Ron Rivera needs to be more aggressive about scoring and leave the reserved play calling at home. Players also need to do better at handling the ball. Involve CMC more: Despite a strong rushing defense, Eagles have a not-so intimidating passing defense. Christian McCaffrey should be a safety valve and involved more as a passing weapon. While McCaffrey has catches in bulk, his longest reception is only a measly 18 yards. Allowing CMC to catch the ball more only protects Cam Newton. Giving Newton a high percentage route to check down to eventually forces the Eagles to respect him underneath. Use explosive plays: Philadelphia has allowed seven plays of at least 45 yards, tied with the Raiders for most in the NFL. Those seven plays have totaled 420 yards, 20% of all the yards the Eagles have given up this season. Explosive plays are the key to defeating an Eagles team that’s allowed the third-fewest first downs in the league. As stated above, leave the reserved play-calling at home. Newton has too many weapons that he can use down field. Cover Cam: In their TNF win https://www.carolinapanthersfanshop....-Little-Jersey , Eagles’ front seven pounded the Giants. Eli Manning was hit in the backfield 13 times and sacked another four times. So far this season, Panthers’ offensive line has played much better than expected despite the many injuries and position changes. However, this will be a true test. Despite a strong rushing defense, Eagles have given up some plays to quarterbacks leaving the pocket. Nobody is more mobile than Newton. Ball security and play calling will play a huge part if the Panthers are to defeat this NFC East foe. Eagles are arguably the best defense Carolina has faced yet.
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