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Default Janne Da Arc
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Janne Da Arc is a popular J-Rock group on the avex trax label. They were originally an indies band under the cutting edge label. The group is named after a manga character of the same name from Devilman and not after Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc) as their name appears.


Yasu (Vocal)
You (Guitar)
Ka-yu (Bass)
Kiyo (Keyboard)
Shuji (Drums)

Some useful notes

- Destination was the theme song for the video game Over G Fighters
- NEO VENUS was released as the commercial Theme song for the video game Rockman EXE.
- feel the wind was released as the commercial Theme song for the video game Rockman EXE 2.
- Mysterious was released as the Opening Theme for the anime Sci-Fi Harry.
- Shining ray was released as the 8th Ending theme for the anime One Piece.
- WILD FANG was released as the Opening Theme for the video game Rockman X8.
- Gekkouka was released as Opening Theme for the anime Black Jack.
- Kasumi Yuku Sora Se ni Shite was released as the 2nd Ending Theme for the anime Asobotto Senki Goku.
- Mцbius was released as Opening Theme for the anime Bakegyamon.
- yasu also wrote a novel for the ANOTHER STORY album (reprinted in 2007 by Ameba Books), as well as a manga containing a side story about the formation of Janne Da Arc.
- kiyo has written a book based on his online blog.

Solo Projects

- Yasu has begun a side band known as Acid Black Cherry with several of his contacts in the musical world. Artists working on the project include SHUSE (formerly of La'Chryma Christi), YUKI (formerly of Aucifer), Chisato (PENICILLIN), Sugizo (formerly of LUNA SEA), and several others. Throughout the month of May 2007, Yasu and Acid Black Cherry went on a secret nationwide tour of Japan, culminating in a show in Shinjuku which was webcast live to the world. ACID BLACK CHERRY is Yasu returning once again to his hard-rock, visual kei roots. Their first single, “SPELL MAGIC”, released on July 18, 2007, debuting at #4 on the Oricon Singles Charts in Japan. ABC's second single, entitled “Black Cherry”, was released in September.
He also appeared as a guest vocalist on the album release of the song D.D.D. by jealkb in May 2007.

- You is currently working on a solo career. His first album, LIFE ~the first movement~ released on June 20, 2007 amidst a fanclub-only tour. He plans to release two more albums based on the theme of "life" and the experiences therein.

- Ka-yu is currently working as a clothing and jewelry designer with his own label (Solid Beat) in a collaboration with Japanese jewelry maker GIGOR. He will also be releasing a solo album (under his full name) on August 15, 2007 that promises a heavy-metal-like sound. He has also released an instructional bass DVD, Real Rock Bass.

- Kiyo currently has plans to release an unnamed piece of solo work later in 2007, but continues to update his blog regularly and has been a support keyboardist for fellow avex artist kaede, providing support for two of her mini-albums (Landmark and Organic).

- Shuji is currently acting as a support drummer on Janne Da Arc guitarist you's solo tour. He has also released an instructional drumming DVD, Pleasure of Drumming.

[Information “stolen” from and]

Personal thoughts
I really like Janne Da Arc. Their songs have great melodies and Yasu has a pleasant voice. Their sound is not dark, on the contrary, quite upbeat, and the songs are catchy, enjoyable and energetic. Also, they have some songs that have a hard sound (for those that prefer it), like Freedom (and others from the album “Arcadia”). I personally like almost all of their stuff. The album “Another Story” is my favorite one, especially “Rainy ~ai no shirabe~” (a calm and pleasant piece), “Suicide Note” and “Kasumi Yuku Sora se ni Shite”.
As for their solo projects, I think they’re quite good. Acid Black Cherry has done a good job, the two PV’s they have released are pretty enjoyable (especially “Black Cherry”), as well as the songs, with a hard sound, visual kei style. I’m also looking forward to the 3rd single “Aishitenai”.
The “Solid Beat” album of Ka-Yu contains more heavy-metal songs, but agreeable. The melodies and sounds are good, and still, Ka-Yu’s voice I personally don’t like that much.
Janne Da Arc is a successful band which I personally recommend.
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